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Team building outcomes

Our M.A.D Team Building Activities experts aim to design activities that will achieve your desired results whilst having fun! This can be done by getting better acquainted to both mental and physical challenges that push individual and team boundaries.

The required outcomes are varied and can include:

  • Increasing a group's ability to communicate, follow instructions and mentally solve challenges
  • Developing teamwork and positive interaction between individuals as well as enhancing the trust and interdependence within their organisations

Our team-building experts around Australia are placed in the enviable position of understanding what our clients from all walks of life and all budget types require.

Team building ideas

From two hours to two weeks we can design a team-building event to suit your companies needs.

Corporate Team-Building Activities are only limited by imagination.

Our team-building ideas vary from:

  • Artistic challenges
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects
  • Organizational and cultural events 
  • Adventure sports (such as car rallies, extreme rafting, kayaking, climbing, orienteering and beach Olympics)